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Insync 2011 Call for Presenters now on..

Monday, April 18th, 2011 by

Hi All,

It’s that time again… The Insync 2011 Conference is on in Sydney the 16th & 17th August 2011 at the Convention Centre.

The Call for papers is now open you have 2 weeks to complete and submit your abstract for this year’s event submissions close the 3rd of May 2011,

This years Event is bigger and better and will include the following streams:
  Oracle E-Business Suite
  Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  Oracle JD Edwards World
  Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise
  Oracle Enterprise Performance Management & Business Intelligence 
  Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management
  Oracle Fusion Middleware & Development
  Oracle Database & Technology
  Oracle Fusion Applications
  Mobile Computing for Oracle Business solutions
  Best Practices for Oracle Business Solutions

If you would be interested in presenting on a topic you feel would benefit the Oracle Community please head to and follow the links to register and submit your abstract.

If you are not interested in presenting and would like to attend there are early bird specials for registering currently head to Insync website to find out more today.

This is one event you don’t want to miss!

Happy Easter Everybody, I hope the easter bunny is kind :)

White Paper Feedback

Monday, August 10th, 2009 by

Hi All,

I wanted to write this post to open up any feedback based on our White Papers.

If you have recieved a White Paper from us in the last few months please feel free to post your comments onto this past so we can share with the network and Authors accordingly.

I look forward to your comments and feedback.


Bec :)

White Paper Competition Winners

Thursday, June 18th, 2009 by

Hi All,

With good news we would like to announce the top 10 papers for the Quarter 1 White Paper Competition for 2009.
The papers this year were all very diverse and well written. Our in house Guru Jim Crum help me come to the final conclusion after our directors had assisted me in reading over all the entries.

Papers were weighted on the following;

1.Widest interest for the topic among client readership 20%
2.Best coverage of the topic 30%
3.Best writing and presentation 30%
4.Most valuable to the interests of Contractors Network 20%

I am very please to announce our top 3 as follows;

1.AME The Solution to Real World Approval Problems - A guide for functional implementers to configure and use AME with iProcurement, AR, and other modules in eBusiness Suite R12 - Dean Christofolis

Well Done Dean, I know you had entered our previous competition in 2007 so well done on another great paper!!!

2.Release 12 Ledgers - Melanie Cameron
3.MDM Best Practices - Bob Barnett

Also Congratulations Bob & Melanie for great papers. Melanie this has been our first year of working together and your papers have been very well received by our Clients & Consultants globally. Bob well done again, Bob also entered our 2007 competition.

We can not forget the rest of our top 10:

4.R12 Subledger Accounting - Melanie Cameron
5.Building an Employee Registration Process in Oracle User Management Using OA Framework, AME and Workflow (3 part series) Kuren Dhand
6.Implementing your Pricing Policy within standard Oracle Applications Functionality Aidan Duffy
7.Payment plans for Oracle Receivables Stuart Micdiarmid
8.Oracle Applications 11i Output in Excel Robin Bremer
9.The Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) - Jose Luis Herrera
10.Loading Data from Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet software into Oracle Matt Canning

A big Thank you to all the Authors who entered the competition. We appreciate the time and effort it has taken to produce these documents. I will be touching base with you all shortly to finalise the details.

Get ready for the next competition :) Bec

Oracle PIM/PLM Advance Search functionality for Customers

Sunday, May 31st, 2009 by


I was talking to a very nicemanager of a company’s IT operationsa few weeks ago. I will leave her name anonymous since she didn’t give me permission.

She gave me inspiration to offer up the question to the Oracle EBS/PLM/PIM/iStore application users out there.

Has anyone integrated the Oracle PIM/PLM advanced search functionality with iStore?

It makes perfect sense. How do I offer my customers all the excellent functionality that I setup and configured in PIM to allow them to find what they need the same way?

The iStore (web store) interface to EBS allows customers to go to the web to place orders. The “baskets” created in iStore can automatically be transferred to Order Management as Sales Orders. But the only way currently that I can get a customer into the advanced search functionality of Oracle PIM/PLM is to set them up directly into Oracle EBS. Yikes!!

Somebody help us please. You would be doing a great service to everyone by offering up the suggestions to this blog.



How to start a Product MDM initiative

Sunday, April 26th, 2009 by

MDM initiatives are very hard to start.

They are also very hard to understand.

They involve all levels and types of resources available at acompany. People from executive level down to the resources selected to define and build the business requirements into an MDM solution. Time, money, and resources will be consumed in an MDM project.

The purpose of an MDM solution is a long term high return on investment.

First of all, most people don’t know what an MDM initiative is less know how to start one. My recommendation is first to go out on the web and look it up. (and read my blog too…) I’ll save you some time with the wiki link:

After you’ve read the MDM definition thoroughly, read the PIM link:

There are some other “schools of thought”regarding the definition and parameters of both MDM and PIM. But wikipedia gives you a good start. Most people think that they are in the midst of a software selection process when they are in a MDM PIM initiative. This shouldn’t be true but it is the most “convenient” time. I believe that you should have a central software solution (preferably off the shelf as much as possible) when starting and evolving an enterprise PIM project.

All the big business software providers have good PIM solutions that integrate with their software. Oracle and SAP have made great strides in integration of their ERP solutions to the MDM principals both in product and in customer information over the past couple of years.

Once you get the above read and understood, it would be a good idea to read some others opinions.

One of the gurus that I have been very impressed with is Jim Parnitzke at PragmaticArchitect. For the novice, please start at this link and read his five blog article serieson “Modeling the MDM blueprint” at

What a better way to use a system methodology than to define the requirements up front! (a little tiny bit of sarcasm)

I will be speaking at OAUG’s Collaborate 09 in Orlando Florida on Monday May 4th, 2009. My topic is Oracle PIM. I sincerely invite everyone to come to my short hour and then come to Oracle Contractor’s booth at the expo for further conversation.

I will write further and as always I hope I have helped you.


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