Install EBS R12 on a Scrapped Desktop PC? Yes It’s Possible and Fun!

My follow up posts will probably center on new features in R12x. This however, is a special edition/1st post special! 

In my spare time I took on the pet project of installing EBS on a junked desktop my folks had gathering dust in the basement. I had heard of doing this off and on in the past but never had the gumption (or linux skills) to attempt it. This is a great learning experience for the functional consultant who hears phrases like “APPL_TOP” and “database listener” thrown around casually without actually knowing what they mean. If you have spare time and want to wow your friends take up ORACLENERD’s EBS Challenge located here.

The guide is the best most direct method to getting EBS up on a dedicated “server”. If you want to do this on a utilized PC then a VM is the way to go. Use VW Ware or Virtualbox. Oracle VM is a whole different animal as it sits directly on the system (no OS) and requires more skill to setup. Other points to mention for noobs:

- Do go with Oracle Enterprise Linux as the OS. It’ free from eDelivery and setup is a snap. If you’ve played around with any Oracle installation guides you know that Windows installation is much more of a pain in the arse and requires additional configuration specifically for the database tier. Of course this means using the dreaded command prompt (every non-geeks worst nightmare) but a little study-up on -perhaps a day or so- and you’ll know all you need to get setup. I went into this with 0 linux experience, Im about as green as they come.

- If you’re like me and scrapped together the minimum hardware requirements (320 GB disk, 2 GB RAM, single core etc.) then be prepared for excruciating lead times for getting this thing off the ground. The staging files take up 50 GB alone! Also, do a memtest on your RAM. I kept having the rapidwiz installer tell me that my 2.5 Gigs of RAM were cool. I would procedd with the installer and the system would blank out and reboot. the reason? Bad RAM. Memtest to be sure that your rig is fully functioning and don’t trust the installer on its RAM readings.

- Please, I cannot stress this enough, use a Download Manager, I had several files get corrupted that blew my install b/c i was too lazy to get one..I use DownLoadThemAll. its really just preference though. In a related note, download and install Oracle unzip utilities. this is the program that (using the command prompt) you should use to extract the zipped files.

-Most issues I came across were with regards to missing packages. If you are missing any, go the oracle public yum and follow the directions. This is a free repository of sorts and once installed can list all the packages available in the RPM manager located in the OS gui. (RPM= package), simply reference the install requirements on My Oracle Support with what’s been installed on your OS. If one of them is unchecked, simply check it off of and install it. Sometimes this stuff is that simple.

-Rapidwiz wil do pre and post install checks. Any error must be resolved. 90% of my errors on these were related to permission grants on the OS. You’ll be creating users/groups and assigning them permissions. Do yourself a favor and let the Linux admin on your next assignment worry about security. By nature its a locked down OS and it should be, but we’re not hosting a Prod environment. In other words, open up everything and let the installer do its thing, unless you’re into sysadmin type stuff, in that case, carry on!

ok whew. All set? Again the EBS challenge series and the rapidwiz install guide (located at OTN) will be your guiding lights in this quest. I was simply pointing out a few details that technical white belts like myself had to figure out the hard way.

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