Two Newly Published White Papers for November 2011!

Many thanks firstly to Ahmed Jassat, author of “Cloning from 20hrs to 20mins using Oracle Dataguard” & also to Alexander Reichman, author of “Interacting with BPEL/Workflow from Oracle Forms 11g”.

Ahmed is an Oracle Apps DBA based in South Africa & his White Paper focuses on a client site where he has worked & how implementing Oracle Dataguard has reduced the cloning time dramatically for them & the impact this has had on the business. A must-read for any DBA/Technical Managers, DBAs, Apps DBAs & disaster recovery teams.

Alexander is a certified Oracle DBA based in Canada & his White Paper focuses on integrating Oracle Forms 11g with Oracle BPEL/Workflow included in the Fusion Middleware 11g platform. A must-read for any Oracle Forms Developers, SOA Architects & Project Managers.

Many thanks for your contributions guys!

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