Kuren Dhand

Oracle Supply Chain Track 

Kuren has over sixteen years experience working with Oracle ERP Applications including several implementations / upgrades right up to Release The first six years were spent in Technical roles with an end-user and Oracle Consulting. Since then, the majoity of Kuren’s work experience has been as a Contractor in Functional roles across Financials and Supply Chain.  

Recent engagements have involved the implementation and support of modules within the Supply Chain suite (e.g. ASCP, OM, INV, PO) and the European rollout of iProcurement .

Kuren has also worked in many countries across Europe and the Far East with a wide range of assignments in industries that include Telecoms, Manufacturing, Medical and Banking. 

Here are Kuren’s answers to our “Top Ten” questions 

How many years of Oracle Apps experience do you have? 

A:I started working with Oracle Applications in 1992 so this is my 16th year 

How did you come to work with Oracle Apps? 

A: I started off my working life with BT on a medium sized project supporting Finance operations in one of their many departments. The software in use was Dun & Bradstreet Millenium, one of the very early ERP applications, and fortunately for me, BT decided to migrate this across to Oracle 10.5.

When did you become an Oracle Contractor? 

A: I first became a contractor in 1997 when I left Oracle Consulting and joined a Swiss Manufacturing Company named Hilti. 

What is the most enjoyable part of your work? 

A:I like the independence that Contracting provides and the opportunities to work with different people and cultures. You often get thrown in at the deep end but come out of the experience with a great deal more knowledge and experience than a permanent position would otherwise provide.

What is the least enjoyable part of your work? 

A:The travel loses its appeal after a while and on some projects it can take a while to gain the trust of the client. 

What has been the most satisfying project you have worked on and why? 

A: One year into my first contract with Hilti, I was given my first functional role. Until that point I had been a techie working with Forms, Reports etc. This role required the implementation of Oracle Supply Chain apps in a Warehouse that had been previously been working with paper and Excel spreadsheets. It was hard work but the end result in seeing the warehouse operations up and running was well worth it.

Which consultant / contractor have you learnt the most from / enjoyed working with the most and why? 

A: There have been a handful of consultants / contractors whom I would say I have learnt from the most, most of whom I met whilst I was at Oracle. The common characteristics of these people were patience and a willingess to put aside egos and share experiences and knowledge.

What do you see happening in Oracle Apps as we move towards “Fusion”? 

A: I’m a little uncertain about what to expect. On one side I think there will be many more work opportunities in this area but on the other hand there seems to be a fairly major shift in technology so I’m not sure how much of what we have learnt in the past will be lost and what new skills we will have to acquire.

What are the hot topics in your area of expertise? 

A: I guess there is an interest in what is coming up in future releases; Release 12 and Fusion. There’s so much more to Oracle Supply Chain now than there has been in the past and judging from what agents tell me, it’s one of areas where demand for contractors is increasing. My particular interest lies with Advanced Supply Chain Planning and the applications that support it e.g. Order Management, Inventory, BOM, WIP, Demand Planning etc so I’m always on the look out for articles, blogs etc around these subjects.

What do you do when you are not working? 

A: My interests are golf and trying to keep fit. I have an active 6 year old son who keeps me busy most other times!!

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