Kenny Leung

Kenny Leung is an Oracle Application System Architect. He has 6 years of hands-on working experience in application development using Oracle Technologies.

Kenny’s Oracle career, which is also his first job after completing his Bachelor degree in New Zealand, started off with a HRMS Implementation project for an education institution in Hong Kong under the recruitment of PCCW Solutions. During the project, Kenny decided to acquire Postgraduate study from one of the best University in Asia, the HKUST. At the same time, he was involved in another Oracle Upgrade project for the Hong Kong International Airport.

Soon after Kenny has completed his Postgraduate study, he decided to look for more challenges as well as growth in his career. He joined Hutchison Whampoa Limited (HWL), one of the largest international corporations in the world, as a technical consultant. HWL is also a well-known “Oracle House”.

Kenny’s first assignment after joining HWL was to implement the Oracle HRMS for the one of the Hutchison subsidiaries, Harbour Plaza Hotel Group, which is the largest Hotel Corporation in Hong Kong. Upon the successful completion of the Hotel implementation project, Kenny was appointed as the technical advisor for the Hutchison Telecommunication Hong Kong HRMS implementation project.

Kenny’s latest assignment is to revamp a Funding system for the Hutchison group with the use of Oracle Application Framework (OAF). He finds that this could be one of the most interesting, as well as challenging project in his career.

Kenny has kindly completed our Top 10 questions below.

How did you come to work with Oracle Apps/ Oracle Development Tools?

A: It was all a coincidence, as I mentioned in my self-introduction, it was my first job after I completed my Bachelor degree. I didn’t choose to work with Oracle Apps, but eventually, I am very happy that I started off my career with Oracle.

When did you become an Oracle Contractor?
A: In 2008, when I was struggling on a technical issue during customization, I was searching for answers from the web and found Oracle Contractor very helpful.

What is the most enjoyable part of your work?
A: The most enjoyable part of my work is that I have chance meeting a lot of people as a consultant.

What is the least enjoyable part of your work?
A: The least enjoyable part of my work must be the long hours and extremely tight schedule.

What has been the most satisfying project you have worked on and why?
A: The most satisfying project that I have worked on is actually the project which I am working on now, the OAF project, it simply because the project was proposed by me from functional design to technologies in use. I feel that it is my baby.

Which consultant / contractor have you learnt the most from /enjoyed working with the most and why?
Sorry, I don’t remember the contractor’s name!

What do you see happening in Oracle Apps as we move towards Fusion?
A: I can see the ambition and determination of Oracle as Oracle is re-writing a lot of its top selling applications using Java with OAF/ADF

What are the hot topics in your area of expertise?
A: Cloud computing, SOA

What do you do when you are not working?
A: I am a part-time photographer as well as a global trekker

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